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Delayed Cord Clamping Module: The Critical First Few Minutes

The few minutes and hours after birth are critical for long-term development. This CPD module provides increasing evidence that suggests rapid clamping of the umbilical cord is detrimental to the infant’s health and that delayed cord clamping can better support the infants transition to extrauterine life as well as the known benefits of skin-to-skin – building bonds and encouraging breastfeeding

After studying this Clinical Review, completing the online assessment and reviewing the resources, you should:

  • Appreciate the adverse outcomes associated with early cord clamping and the benefits of delayed cord clamping
  • Feel empowered to help mothers and healthcare professionals avoid early cord clamping
  • Understand the potential association between the time of cord clamping and breastfeeding
  • Appreciate the importance of tactile stimulation, such as skin-to-skin contact, in development and bonding

Delayed Cord Clamping CPD Module

Delayed Cord Clamping Module Assessment

Breastfeeding Poster

Breastfeeding Client Handout

Candidiasis In Breastfeeding Mothers Module: Breaking The Chain Of Infection

The diagnosis and management of nipple and breast candida in a breastfeeding dyad is difficult and often based on signs and symptoms.  Undiagnosed nipple candida can result in ductal candida making it harder to diagnose and offer effective treatments.  Candida requires early recognition and diagnosis as well as ensuring preventative measures are reaffirmed to breastfeeding mothers, their families and health professionals.

After studying this Clinical Review, completing the online assessment and reviewing the resources, you should:

  • Appreciate the prevalence and clinical significance of candida colonisation and infections
  • Be able to describe the factors that predispose breastfeeding mothers to candidiasis
  • Understand the ways in which candida can form ‘chains of infection’ and how to prevent reinfection
  • Be able to advise and counsel women presenting with breast discomfort or pain about the possible role of candida

Candidiasis In Breastfeeding Mothers Module Assessment

Candidiasis In Breastfeeding Mothers Clinical Review

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